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  • ASICs accelerated computing

    Boost your ordinary CPU computing and GPU computing with assistance of ASICs - Application-specific integrated circuits and gain up to 10 000 times better performance.

ASICs servers boost your computing performance up 10000 times

We offer specialized Application-specific integrated circuit – ASICs integration and extension to your servers that is able to boost your computing speed of your tasks up to 1000 times which equals to 1 000 000% increase. Our solution is unique as it combines and leverage accessible ASICs for wide variety of algorithmic tasks computing. We focuses on top performance and best performance price ration. Our  ASICs servers are usable for many cases such as reverse engineering, offline brute-force attack testing, Bitcoin mining, Ethereum mining, SHA2 and SHA3 hashing, reverse hash searching and many other cases.

ASICs servers and ASIC miners

ASICs accelerated computing server

We interconnect multiple specialized ASIC chip boards to one system that allows CPU to redistribute tasks that are accelerated and computed much faster. We can achieve up to 10 000 times boost with performance for the same power consumption. Our servers are extremely efficient.

ASIC crypto miners

ASICs miner is ASIC server with specific focus on top performance and very low power consumption for one unit of performance Mhs or THs. Many people see ASIC miners as miners to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, DogeCoin, Conflux. Our solution also offer much wider usage to give even higher profitability that cryptomining offers. We basically use these machines and extend their functionality to do much wider tasks.

Bitcoin ASIC miners

Leverage ASICs created for Bitcoin for much wider usage. We are able to use this one purpose specific machines to not only work in bitcoin mining but to better participate in blockchain and to provide very efficient accelerator for SHA2 decoding.  This multiplies SHA2 hashing power of ordinary server thousand times and reduce dramatically power consumption.

Ethereum ASIC miner

Leverage ASICs created for solely Ethereum mining for much wider usage. These new machines are capable to do much more than simple Ethereum or ETC mining. We extent their functionality beyond to better participate on blockchain or do boost reverse engineering and reverse hashing of SHA3 hashing function. By reusing these ASICs we are able dramatically reduce power consumption what creates computing much more ecology friendly.


Why ASICs accelerate computing with Kentino?

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