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  • Availability and Capacity Monitoring

Maximize availability and improve resource capacity management 

Availability and Capacity Monitoring observes the performance of your ICT infrastructure and alerts you of any potential performance risks. This improves availability and operations by providing you with insights, through better monitoring and reporting. It supplies you with the intelligence needed to improve your IT asset lifecycle management processes.

Improve availability and performance with proactive monitoring

Availability and Capacity Monitoring helps you make informed choices with intelligent insights. This lets you manage capacity and plan upgrades, to better match business demands.

With access to reports, data, analysis, and metrics you can make informed choices to enable you to reduce your support costs, while improving infrastructure availability and performance.

The service includes:

  • real-time polling and proactive asset monitoring
  • tailored monitoring against defined capacity thresholds
  • management and recording of availability and capacity

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Support over 47 technologies in 14 local languages worldwide.

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Supporting 6 million assets within 6,000 clients across five continents.

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Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivers consistent service wherever you operate.

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Almost every major vendor’s #1 or #2 partner.

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