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Improve visibility and control of your IoT communications costs

Enabling IoT is an essential component of many industries and leveraging the data provided by these devices is critical to the success of these organizations. By turning your organization into one that is driven by data it’s possible to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. With Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) you can connect all the devices powering your organization while reducing your costs. In an environment with ever-increasing numbers of connected devices CLM simplifies the management of your IoT assets and expenses, with insight into your IoT communications service and asset lifecycle; devices, spend, usage, and adoption, allowing you to make better strategic decisions. With easy access to accurate information you can see when your infrastructure is over-subscribed or under-used, where you have inefficiencies and when it’s time to transform.

Persistent optimization drives IoT cost savings

Legacy Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services capture only 30% of potential cost savings using their audit-centric approach to identify and recover from carrier mistakes. Our CLM services capture the 70% of the savings that are overlooked until after the expense is incurred.

Persistent optimization is the essence of Communications Lifecycle Management and real cost savings is the result. We provide visibility to IoT services and IoT-related transactions inside and outside the network edge to enable better control despite the constant changes that impact the enterprise. Integration with enterprise ERP, A/P or ITSM systems allows this to be seamless and easily adopted by your employees and suppliers.

Why choose Kentino?

Industry recognition

150+ vendor certifications.

Our networking expertise

Extensive (30 year) track record of designing, integrating, supporting, and managing multivendor enterprise networks.

Global footprint

Network service coverage in 190+ countries/regions​.

Strategic partnerships

We maintain the highest levels of vendor technical certification and API-level integration in 47 countries.

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