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  • CLM – Enterprise Mobility


Simplify management of enterprise mobility solutions

Effective Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a cornerstone of delivering against your digital workplace strategy and a vital component of ongoing business success. Providing your employees with access to the right services at the right time can make a real difference to business performance. Leveraging Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) allows you to keep your employees connected and costs down. Our CLM service simplifies the management of your mobile assets and expenses delivering real insights into your mobile service and asset lifecycle; spend, devices, usage, and adoption, enhancing the your strategic decisions. This data-driven approach informs you when your infrastructure is over-subscribed or under-used, where you have inefficiencies and when it’s time to transform.


Optimize your mobile communications services and budget

While legacy Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services capture only 30% of all possible cost savings, our CLM services also capture 70% of the savings that are otherwise overlooked until after the expense is incurred.

By continuously optimizing your environment Communications Lifecycle Management delivers real cost savings. With visibility into internal and external services and transactions you can better control your environment despite the constant changes impacting the organization. Integration with enterprise ERP, A/P or ITSM systems allows this to be seamless and easily adopted by your employees and suppliers.

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Cross-technology expertise

Across multiple technology areas leveraging strong global partnerships with leading technology vendors.

Industry leader

Microsoft 2018 Modern Workplace Transformation of the Year.

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We provide Support and Managed Services for more than 1 million collaboration seats.

Expert status

We’re the only systems integrator with Apple, Microsoft and Cisco.

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