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Flexible and secure connectivity for your business 

You have IT infrastructure scattered across the globe: on-premises, in hosted environments, and in the cloud. Your network is the glue that connects all of that together. Without the right network you won’t be able to get the most out of your infrastructure and this can have a negative impact on business performance. We provide you with a high-performance, secure connection between your corporate data center and the cloud, managed on your behalf, making sure that each application is able to access the right data at the right time. 

Secure cloud connectivity

Connectivity to network

We offer various types of connectivity service including our Global IP Transit, SD-WAN, Virtual Private Network Service, and 3rd party network. Our software-defined network technology with global service coverage, and Tier 1 internet connectivity provides all the network services your business needs.

Connectivity to our data centers

In order to maximize the performance of your hybrid applications, within our data center or on our cloud platform, 

Why choose Kentino?

High-permanence availability

Built-in, redundant, high-availability server and network resources backed by an up to 99.99% service level agreement.

Reduced risk

Gain peace of mind with our secure PCI DSS, ISO and SOC compliant NTT cloud environment.

Global service delivery

Over 35 cloud data centers across five continents and a globally integrated service delivery model.

Global reach and local presence

Versatile connectivity based on our Global Network Service.

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