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  • Cloud Enablement Services

Leverage expertise from dedicated cloud experts  

Our Cloud Enablement Services deliver predefined outcomes, targets your top priorities and provides value for money, all managed by dedicated, experienced consultants with numerous successful cloud migration and enablement projects to their credit. Our approach adopts the advantages of agile methodology, ensuring consistent quality and knowledge-sharing from around the globe.

Services overview

Fixed scope 2-4 weeks sprints and an inbuilt continual feedback loop to ensure a clear focus on your objectives and timescales. We offer three types of consulting engagement:

Cloud transformation roadmap

  • a roadmap to move applications into the public cloud with an end-to-end transformation strategy
  • analysis of infrastructure and applications to ensure effective overall scoping for public cloud transformation

High-level architecture deployment

  • Maximize the advantages of public cloud by receiving best-practice, high-level deployment architecture, covering best execution venue, security, operational excellence, performance, reliability and cost management.

Why choose Kentino?

Disciplined pragmatic approach

Time-tested assessments, methodologies and frameworks.

Trusted partner

85%+ Fortune 500 companies are clients.

Highly experienced

150+ certifications with all the major IT vendors.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivering consistent service wherever you operate.