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  • Cloud Foundation Services

Greater agility through solid cloud foundations

We ensure your first steps into public cloud are efficient, smooth and secure. Our experts will help you build a resilient cloud platform, no matter which cloud service provider you choose. NTT’s services include the design and deployment of the multi-cloud setup, enabling operational agility, cloud infrastructure scalability, data and application vigilance and end-to-end security.

Key service features

We deliver our Cloud Foundation Services in four phases: Define, Design, Deliver and Transition. This ensures the landing zone is ready and operational before application migration takes place. After the transition, we can proceed with the migration of the workloads to cloud on your behalf, or we can hand the landing zone back to you.


  • Create a scalable hybrid cloud architecture using proven cloud standards, tenancy structure and cloud connectivity, such as BCP/DR design, etc.
  • Establish a cost-effective and agile cloud environment before any migration takes place.
  • Design and build a secure cloud platform with proactive security controls, increasing your security against cyberattacks while adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Operation enablement for integrating cloud services with existing ITSM processes.
  • Leverage proven cloud architecture blueprints based on

Why choose Kentino?

Disciplined pragmatic approach

Time-tested assessments, methodologies and frameworks.

Trusted partner

85%+ Fortune 500 companies are clients.

Highly experienced

150+ certifications with all the major IT vendors.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivering consistent service wherever you operate.

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