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Future-proof your business with cloud storage 

Success in this hyperconnected world requires that you can quickly access and analyse your business information. Cloud Storage allows you to seamlessly save and obtain the ever-growing pool of business-critical data. With your data safely stored in our cloud you can focus on extracting value from your business data. 

Our Cloud Storage service offers you:

Shared or Dedicated Storage  


Shared Storage provides a set of storage solutions for our cloud platforms. This provides a global secure and scalable solution to house large volumes of data, accessible by cloud-based applications at a reasonable cost. Dedicated Storage provides an enterprise-class storage platform to meet the performance and data integrity requirements. 


Cloud Backup  


Cloud Backup allows you to protect data and configure your cloud servers, permitting you to revert to a previous known-

Why choose Kentino?

High-permanence availability

Built-in, redundant, high-availability server and network resources backed by an up to 99.99% service level agreement.

Reduced risk

Gain peace of mind with our secure PCI DSS, ISO and SOC compliant NTT cloud environment.

Global service delivery

Over 35 cloud data centers across five continents and a globally integrated service delivery model.

Global reach and local intimacy

Versatile connectivity based on our Global Network Service in over 190 countries/regions.

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