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  • Comparative Benchmarking

Benchmark your CX operations against global best practices

The CX benchmarking comparison service offers you the opportunity to benchmark your CX operations and compare subsequent scores to industry and regional benchmarks and best practice. Providing insight into the current status of your CX operations and identifying opportunities for improvement and best practice adoption.

Benchmarking is fundamentally about learning, by comparison, identifying gaps in performance and adopting best practice techniques, that can be used to drive effective change in customer contact management.

Identify gaps in performance and adopt best practice techniques

The CX Benchmarking Comparison Service offers your organization the opportunity to benchmark your CX approach and operations. We compare bespoke results from single/multi-sites, regions, in-house or partner operations against industry, global and regional benchmarks. You receive detailed reports providing insight into performance improvement opportunities and highlighting alignment and achievement.

Activities include:

  • Pinpointing problems using data insights and identify areas that are falling below competitor levels (and close the gaps).
  • Clear structured view of operational capability.
  • Understanding industry trends and best practice.
  • Intelligent insight into the key themes and results from

Why choose Kentino?

Proven accelerated methodologies

We have the expertise to help our clients articulate their strategic CX ambitions and to support them in delivering connected experiences, underpinned by the technology they need.

Delivery expertise

Over 1,000 dedicated CX experts around the world and over 8,000 people delivering bespoke outsourcing solutions.


We have 23 years as published experts and market citizens with 34 years of thought leadership transformation and innovation.

Deep customer understanding

The solutions we’ve deployed enable over 7 billion customer engagements each year and 10 years delivering contact center solutions as-a-service (CCaaS).

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