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  • Contact Center Development

Develop your future contact center capability

For many organizations today, the contact center still represents a core delivery channel for assisted and supported interactions. The Contact Center Development Model focuses on this function and helps you develop a transformation blueprint, ensuring that operations continue to remain relevant and deliver value within the changing organization.

Optimize the role of the contact center in your CX delivery ecosystem

The Contact Center Development Model is a practical strategic planning tool that assesses a contact center’s core competencies and capability against a set of operational and strategic criteria. The model was developed to allow organizations to create their maturity roadmap and prioritize programs, projects, and initiatives to achieve their objectives. The model also assists in identifying your strengths and weaknesses by measuring the current state of your contact center against a set of maturity standards. We then develop a single unified plan for the way forward. The model also creates a consensus view of the capability and aspiration of your organization’s customer operations, aligning different functional viewpoints and requirements.

Activities include:

  • Identify your contact center’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Actionable blueprint for your projects and initiatives to drive transformational change.
  • Output focused on your ‘current’ position and ‘target’

Why choose Kentino?

Proven accelerated methodologies

We have the expertise to help our clients articulate their strategic CX ambitions and to support them in delivering connected experiences, underpinned by the technology they need.

Delivery expertise

Over 1,000 dedicated CX experts around the world and over 8,000 people delivering bespoke outsourcing solutions.


We have 23 years as published experts and market citizens with 34 years of thought leadership transformation and innovation.

Deep customer understanding

The solutions we’ve deployed enable over 7 billion customer engagements each year and 10 years delivering contact center solutions as-a-service (CCaaS).

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