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  • Customer Experience Strategy

How do you create a great CX strategy and culture in your organization?

A customer experience (CX) strategy is about the big picture – the ability to deliver a compelling, engaging, differentiated and valuable customer experience, aligned to your business strategy. Identify the core competencies required to mature CX in your organization and use strategic thinking and insight driven frameworks to develop a successful and sustainable customer centric business model.

Customer Experience Exploration

Accelerate your connected CX ecosystem.

Customer Experience Maturity Model

Identify current capability and create a target state blueprint to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Customer Experience Comparative Benchmarking

Gain market insight and identify strategic priorities.

Contact Center Development

Understand the current state of your contact center and take an accelerated approach to optimizing its future.

Customer Experience Automation

Articulate, align and accelerate your automation ambition.

Why choose Kentino?

Proven accelerated methodologies

We have the expertise to help our clients articulate their strategic CX ambitions and to support them in delivering connected experiences, underpinned by the technology they need.

Delivery expertise

Over 1,000 dedicated CX experts around the world and over 8,000 people delivering bespoke outsourcing solutions.


We have 23 years as published experts and market citizens with 34 years of thought leadership transformation and innovation.

Deep customer understanding

The solutions we’ve deployed enable over 7 billion customer engagements each year and 10 years delivering contact center solutions as-a-service (CCaaS).

We are here to help!