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  • CX transformation and cloud adoption

Supporting clients through cloud adoption

With customer experience forming an essential differentiator for most organizations, cloud-based technology increasingly plays an essential role in helping to elevate these experiences. Cloud enabled technologies help improve experiences for customers, workforce and partners, connecting channels, artificial intelligence, analytics and the internet of things in an accelerated, highly adaptive and cost-effective manner. Our journey to the cloud framework drives repeatable outcomes and supports you with cloud adoption.

Access your cloud readiness and plan your journey

It’s essential to assess your organization’s cloud readiness across technical, operational, business, compliance and security considerations. Migration to the cloud is much more than a technology or technical transition it can fundamentally transform your entire organization. It can accelerate innovation and enhance every business function and needs to be planned and executed efficiently, based on best practice principles, and conducted at an organization-wide level. Many organizations are now adopting a cloud-first approach as part of their holistic business and CX Strategy, to be able to deliver a ROI quickly while providing the technical capability and adaptability that the market demands.

Cloud adoption for CX has removed many barriers to entry and its out-of-the-box nature allows for accelerated innovation and rapid cost reduction, however many organizations need additional support to achieve the required results by partnering with experts that have a complete view of the tasks involved and the expertise to make it happen.

Activities include:

  • create a prioritized balanced approach between cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions

Why choose Kentino?

Proven accelerated methodologies

We have the expertise to help our clients articulate their strategic CX ambitions and to support them in delivering connected experiences, underpinned by the technology they need.

Delivery expertise

Over 1,000 dedicated CX experts around the world and over 8,000 people delivering bespoke outsourcing solutions.


We have 23 years as published experts and market citizens with 34 years of thought leadership transformation and innovation.

Deep customer understanding

The solutions we’ve deployed enable over 7 billion customer engagements each year and 10 years delivering contact center solutions as-a-service (CCaaS).

We are here to help!