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  • Ensure regulatory compliance and improve your data protection strategy

    Enterprise Security Monitoring

Defend data and meet best practice and security frameworks 

Ensure full legal, regulatory, and best practice compliance in the protection of your organization’s IT systems and sensitive data, the key to an effective security strategy. Achieve 24/7 continuous monitoring of your networks with our flexible two-tiered service offering. Escalate security events as necessary with context-aware alerting and ease the burden on your internal teams by entrusting us with log monitoring and analysis. 

Enterprise Security Monitoring 

Each service tier offers 24/7 monitoring by our dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOCs). 

Standard Tier 

  • General requirements: designed for organizations with standardized security compliance requirements across core technologies.  
  • Cloud-based: first-level SOC monitoring and response, with escalation for further investigation or closure. 
  • Stay compliant: NTT proprietary platform for effective compliance monitoring. 

Enhanced Tier 

  • Unique requirements: designed for organizations with custom security compliance requirements across a wide set of technologies. 
  • Broad support: over 200 different vendor technologies supported. Complex use cases, such as correlation/notification rules, created for specific business requirements. 
  • Continuous analysis: our 24/7 SOC support team identifies events and escalates them to experienced,
  • certified security analysts to review and validate. The data is then communicated to you as security incident reports.  
  • Portal access: enhanced tier services are backed by our Global Threat Intelligence, and include access to a customizable portal that communicates event and security incident information, a dashboard view of services, and executive and technical compliance reporting. 

The benefits include:

  • enhanced legal and regulatory compliance with active monitoring and detailed compliance reporting for regulatory and industry frameworks 
  • protect your organization’s data and systems 24/7, with cloud-based monitoring and response 
  • multiple Security Operations Centers (SOCs) available to you 24/7 
  • security event escalation and context-aware alerting 
  • customizable use cases and alerting rules that meet your business requirements 
  • flexible service tiers that allow the services to grow with you  

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