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Accelerated computing

  • GPU accelerated comptuing

    GPU servers and GPU accelerated computing power hosting and sharing for you.

GPU servers boost your computing performance up 100 times

We offer professional GPU servers that are able to boost your computing speed of your tasks up to 10 00 percents. Our solution is unique as it combines and leverage accessible GPUs in the market with no vendor locks that beats all our competitors in the market with price. We focuses on top performance and best performance price ration. Our GPU servers are usable for many cases such as deep learning, AI, and ctyptomining of Ethereum as well.

GPU server and GPU miners

CPU accelerated computing server

Interconnecting multiple GPUs to one system allows CPU to redistribute tasks that are accelerated and computed much faster. We can achieve up to 100 times boost with performance for the same power consumption. Our servers are extremely efficient.

GPU miners

GPU miner is GPU server with specific focus on top performance and very low power consumption for one unit of performance Mhs. Many people see GPU miners as miners to mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Monero, DogeCoin, Conflux and Bitcoin. Our solution also offer much wider usage to give even higher profitability that cryptomining offers.

GPU server AMD Graphic Cards

Leverage OpenCL – Open Standard for Parallel Programming of Heterogeneous Systems programming to speed up all computation and reach speed that you could dream about before. This architecture is favorite for Ethereum miners as it achieve very good efficiency.

GPU server NVIDIA Graphic Cards

Boosting your C/C++ written apps and using CUDA – Compute Unified Device Architecture that is used on latest modelts of NVIDIA cards such RTX series and A series. You can use your own code or many already written apps or utilities.

Why accelerate computing with Kentino?

Preferred partners

Application integration and development capabilities that stretch across the leading global enterprise application vendors: we supply our solution to several other data centers and power plants as well.

Trusted advisor

Engagement with your customers and your customer experience team to transform your business by guiding strategy, enhancing your value chain, and driving innovation.

Custom solutions

Development of fit for purpose application solutions to fulfill your unique business requirements. We understand your profile and options and offer the most efficient and the most profitable solution

End-to-end capabilities

End-to-end services from development of your digital transformation strategy to execution of key roadmap initiatives, implementing the right technologies and managing your environment.

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