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  • Hybrid Cloud Migration Assessment

Gain clear insight into your current infrastructure and applications to create a roadmap to Managed Services

Our journey to the cloud framework, supports you in achieving your cloud adoption goals. We offer a hybrid infrastructure and application assessment focused on your IT landscape. It offers valuable insights into your current infrastructure and applications, providing you with a high-level roadmap to a Managed Cloud and infrastructure Service. 


We’ll develop a high-level design and migration roadmap for moving assets into Managed Services on Hybrid Cloud through:

  1. Understanding your business objectives. Information gathering workshops with technical and business stakeholders to review documentation, architectural gaps, business goals and challenges.
  2. Analyse your infrastructure and workloads using our own IP tooling. The information gathered is reviewed to determine if it is complete and free of any unexplainable abnormalities.
  3. Design high-level infrastructure. Based on blueprinted solutions, we apply best practice, identify the best execution venue and target technology to meet your business outcomes.
  4. Validate that the design matches the original business

Why choose Kentino?

Disciplined pragmatic approach

Over 15 years providing Managed Services for virtualized and cloud environments, setting standards for single cloud migrations and multiphase transformations.

Trusted partner

85%+ Fortune 500 companies are clients.

Highly experienced

150+ certifications with all the major IT vendors.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivering consistent service wherever you operate.

We are here to help!