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Optimize management of your hybrid IT infrastructure

Agility and flexibility are critical for digital business, but hybrid IT environments are difficult to manage. With applications hosted on a combination of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud, keeping an eye on everything is not easy. With systems spread out across multiple environments you need a way to manage all of these from a single interface. We provide you with the visibility required to gain insight into how all your systems work together. This helps you better understand which applications can be moved to the cloud and which need to stay in their existing environment. 

Take control of your hybrid cloud environment

Visibility across multiple platforms

Our ‘Solution Insight’ IT management platform tool provides you with complete visibility of your complex IT estate, allowing you to easily manage, provision, and report on resources across your hybrid environment.

Multiple platforms

We connect our own cloud infrastructure with third party clouds including those from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, helping you place workloads in the best location at the best price and migrate between platforms as needed.

Why choose Kentino?

High-permanence availability

Built-in, redundant, high-availability server and network resources backed by an up to 99.99% service level agreement.

Reduced risk

Gain peace of mind with our secure PCI DSS, ISO and SOC compliant NTT cloud environment.

Global service delivery

Over 35 cloud data centers across five continents and a globally integrated service delivery model.

Global reach and local intimacy

Versatile connectivity based on our Global Network Service in over 190 countries/regions.

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