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  • Implementation and Integration Services


Install, deploy, and integrate applications and technology into your hybrid IT environment

Our Implementation and IT integration services include staging and the installation of technology, configuration and integration, as well as testing, training, and handover to operations for ongoing successful usage and adoption. Our deep technology expertise allows us to address all elements required to operate your chosen hybrid IT environment including infrastructure, vendor, custom, and off-the-shelf business applications. Supported by our project management practice and utilizing our proven methodologies, you can deliver the business value you planned.

Implementing and integrating your technology solutions

You have access to one of the most qualified and skilled IT integration services globally. We have highly trained strategy, architecture, technology, and delivery professionals based all over the world in more than 57 countries. Our Implementation and IT integration services can either form an integral part of your project delivery, or they can be used to provide technical expertise and support for limited periods.
Our Implementation and IT Integration Services include:

Service Integration

These are fundamental to delivering the technology outcomes you expect. These services are broad and expansive, covering everything from implementation to integration, staging and installation, testing, integration, validation, and handover, to operations for ongoing successful usage and adoption, all while using the full complement of project management.


Staging and Installation

This includes technical planning, physical installation, testing, and commissioning of equipment. As well as technical assessment, design, and implementation to ensure that the technology is properly installed, deployed, and optimized.


Infrastructure Integration Services

Why choose Kentino?

Proven methodologies

More than 600 project management professionals, 300 industry certifications.

Global reach and local knowledge

3,000 technology architecture strategy and delivery professionals.

Extensive track record

34 years of leadership transformation and innovation.

Specialized expertise

More than 1,200 professional service engineers with a combined 11,000 vendor certifications.

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