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  • High-fidelity threat detection and response, geared toward attacks that have bypassed preventative security controls

    Managed Detection and Response

Using more of the same, ineffective point solutions will seldom improve an organization’s security posture

While the mean time to detect and respond is improving, recent studies have shown that 56% of breaches took months or longer to discover. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the ideal foundation for organizations who need to discover hard-to-find threats, disrupt complex and sophisticated cyberattacks and improve their cyber-resilience. We provide clients with modern, remotely delivered, always available SOCs specifically focused on high-fidelity threat detection and validation, tailored toward attacks that have bypassed preventative security controls. Our rapidly deployable turnkey MDR service enables swift remote incident response, investigation and containment beyond traditional alerting and notification.

Managed Detection and Response breaks the attack chain by combining the analysis of network traffic with market-leading endpoint solutions. With extensive access to threat intelligence and delivery of security services to thousands of clients worldwide, MDR enhances detection capabilities and makes evasion more difficult.

Advanced analytics leveraging the latest machine learning technologies enables the detection of events that merit closer examination. Security analysts investigate the

incident and take appropriate response actions. Our security analysts use evidence from network layers and endpoints to pivot from one attack path to another until they validate a security incident and act to contain or disrupt the attack. The security analyst can remotely quarantine specific devices after ensuring that the target devices were the source of a security incident.

With decades of security expertise, organizations trust NTT as their security partner of choice.


Why choose Kentino?

Reduce response time

Minimize the impact when a cyberattack occurs with precise detection and response.

Enable predictive detection

We use predictive analytics, machine learning and threat intelligence to deliver effective detection and response.

Adopt proactive defense

Our experienced SOC threat hunters utilize event-based hunting techniques to identify and disrupt APTs in your organization - often overlooked by traditional security controls.

Seamless deployment

Our turnkey MDR service can be swiftly procured and deployed, improving your security posture and raising your organization’s security maturity in a few weeks.

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