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  • Improve the resilience and availability of your compute and storage resources

    Managed On-Premises Infrastructure Services

Reliable, cost-optimized infrastructure management  

Drive operational agility with proactive operational monitoring and management of physical/blade and HCI servers in a flexible, cost-effective, and real-time manner. This includes OS, AD/LDAP, data center LAN devices, and hypervisor layers, across your on-premises and hosted/private clouds. This allows you to free up your team to focus on strategic objectives, while offloading daily management to us. 

Our infrastructure management services

Our service has been honed and hardened across many engagements and hybrid IT environments. Our world-class operational standards are packaged in an easy to consume service that guarantees predictable, reliable outcomes.   


Real-time operational monitoring and management of compute resources in a tiered delivery model that improves availability and performance of your systems while offloading day-to-day duties from your IT staff. 

Storage and Data Protection 

Proactive operational management of physical, virtual, and

network-attached storage across your on-premises and private cloud environments, in a flexible, cost-effective, and real-time manner. It is typically complemented with tape libraries and archiving in the cloud to deliver long-time retention services and with disaster recovery solutions for data continuity. Features such as WORM, encryption and multiple copies ensure your data is safe and secure. 

Data Center Network 

Comprehensive operational management and monitoring of physical and virtual devices, including firewall, routers, WAN optimizers, switches and load balancers, and hardware and firmware configuration updates within your on-premises or hosted data center. 

Why choose Kentino International?

End-to-end management capabilities

Manage networking, data center, collaboration, customer experience, and security environments across technology vendors on-premises, hosted, and in the cloud.

Access to advanced global network

Fast access to high-speed, reliable tier-1 global networks in over 96 countries.

Single point of contact

Single vendor-neutral service provider with deep expertise, a global reach, and dedicated local resources for 24/7 management.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model meeting ITIL standards, giving you consistent service, wherever you operate.

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