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    Managed SD-WAN Services

Ensure your network is fit for the digital economy

Connectivity by itself is not enough to bring the corporate WAN into the era of the intelligent organization. Network intelligence is playing an increasingly critical role in optimizing the network and ensuring that application performance expectations are met. Our Managed SD-WAN Services offers clients intelligent services that include real-time monitoring, application performance management, replay functionality, and WAN optimization. SD-WAN managed services enable visibility into your network and applications, significantly improving performance. Predictive analytics and automation offered through the Managed SD-WAN Services portal prove a powerful combination that drives secure network performance even further.

Managed SD-WAN Services

Our Managed SD-WAN Services provide flexible network connectivity options for enterprises with a rich suite of internet security, remote access VPN, and application acceleration capabilities to ensure high levels of network availability, performance, and security – enabling clients to transform their network architecture, optimize connectivity to the cloud, and improve the overall end-user experience. 

Our Managed SD-WAN Services:   

  • Provides a globally standardized, fully managed SD-WAN solution to client sites and transitions the WAN into a highly available and reliable network architecture, leveraging our SD-WAN cloud/platform to optimize network performance. 
  • Transforms clients current network into an application-aware intelligent network. Enabling application policy management at granular levels to prioritize application routing and achieve the desired performance. The service also includes lifecycle management of overlay policy tuning as clients’ networks and applications evolve over time.  It’s groundbreaking real-time streaming network analytics provides multidimensional visualization of application performance, network security, and utilization, and enables CIOs and their IT staff to analyse and mitigate issues at the site level, application dimension, or individual IP address faster than ever before, leading to a greatly improved end-user experience.
  • Leverages our unique global Tier 1 backbone network
  • capabilities to provide the most efficient path for customer’s network traffic to connect and transfer between regions.  
  • Is transport-independent and converges the utilization of public internet and private network connectivity into a seamless hybrid network architecture optimized for enterprise application performance. We have decades of experience and relationships with over 1,000 ISPs and network providers worldwide, and can ensure customers receive the best combination of speed, resilience, and network performance at each one of their sites globally. We offer connectivity options with full network and path diversity in over 190 countries. 
  • Clients can choose cloud-based services such as Secure Web Gateway, SSL VPN, and IP Sec (B2B) Gateways, as well as Direct Cloud Connect and Application Acceleration Gateways; allowing their business to become more agile and responsive to user needs via self-service activation of real-time configuration and change management – within minutes – through a secure client portal.  
  • Operational support is provided on a 24/7 basis via direct access to highly skilled Global Operations Centers (GOC) engineers; including senior engineers and GOC senior management. 
  • Our industry-leading predictive network analytics technology enables improved performance and quality by diagnosing IT infrastructure issues before they impact client networks. 

Why choose Kentino International?

Top tier-1 network

World’s largest SD-WAN and VPN footprint covering over 190 countries/regions.

Networking expertise

An extensive track record of designing, integrating, supporting, and managing multivendor enterprise networks.

Keeping you secure

We mitigate 2 billion security threats every year.

Innovation and investment

We invest USD 2 billion each year in groundbreaking service development.

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