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  • Agile, consistently high-performing managed network services to the edge of the enterprise network

    Managed Wired and Wireless LAN Services

Enabling branch transformation

Managed services designed to maximize the business value of your enterprise network investments and support your digital transformation. We will deliver the performance, agility, and availability you need, seamlessly integrating and managing your multi-vendor, multi-technology LAN infrastructure. Continuous investment in automated management platforms, vendor API integration, and analytics is underpinned by highly certified engineering resources, ITIL-aligned tools and processes. Our Managed Wired and Wireless LAN Services will increase your operational and cost efficiencies, supporting the achievement of your business objectives.

Managed Wired and Wireless LAN Services

Extend the full capabilities of our global platform-delivered managed network services to the edge of your network. Our services are designed to ensure secure automated access, and seamless management integration across multi-vendor, multi-technology wired and wireless LAN infrastructures.

Scalable and secure, our Managed Wireless LAN Services support the management of up to thousands of access points and other elements of the wireless LAN infrastructure across multiple sites and countries. Our automated network management systems support and monitor complex policies for access and applications, protecting you from malicious intrusion, rogue access, and unauthorized activity 24/7.

Managed LAN Services proactively monitor and manage tier one global vendor hardware and software-defined LAN technology.

Our global Managed Services Platform is highly automated and driven by proactive management analytics. Multi-technology management is seamlessly integrated across your wired and wireless estate to enable efficient troubleshooting, management insight, and reporting.

Time to detection and resolution of incidents is consistently reduced, while our highly responsive change management processes enable the business agility and scalability your users demand.

Why choose Kentino International?

Managed Services Expertise

We manage over 9,000 enterprise networks and over 13 million user interactions each year.

Global Strategic Partnerships

Maintaining the highest levels of vendor technical certification in 47 countries.

Networking expertise

An extensive track record of designing, integrating, supporting, and managing multivendor enterprise networks.

Global Reach

Recognized leaders in network services. Present in over 200 countries, across every continent.

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