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  • Networking Technology


Network infrastructure designed to deliver business value

We deliver the software-defined programmable networking technology, that will proactively evolve your network. From the core to the edge of your infrastructure, our scalable and flexible architectures will ensure the seamless integration of your software-defined and legacy networking estates. Our managed and support services will ensure the high performance and availability you need 24/7. Our extensive ecosystem of networking technology partners, global reach, and proven expertise, lets you focus on innovation. Our solutions will ensure application performance and security to every user and location, making your digital strategy a reality.


Enterprise Networking

Wired and wireless networking

Agile, software-defined wired and wireless networking technology, supports secure connectivity to all users and devices and realizes the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). We enable your mobility and IoT strategies through automated and programmable technology. We will fully utilize the power of wireless to improve and optimize your business.

Wide area networking

Lower costs, reduce complexity, and improve application and network performance by leveraging innovative SD-WAN technology and Managed SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN

Why choose Kentino?

Industry recognition

150+ vendor certifications.

Our networking expertise

Extensive (30 year) track record of designing, integrating, supporting, and managing multivendor enterprise networks.

Global footprint

Network service coverage in 190+ countries/regions​.

Strategic partnerships

We maintain the highest levels of vendor technical certification and API-level integration in 47 countries.

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