3M FFP3 Respirator 8833
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3M FFP3 Respirator 8833


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Product Pescription

Mask 3M Comfort 8833 – shaped respirator with valve 3M ™ EN149: 2001 FFP3 R D, up to 50 x TLV, highest level of protection, for repeated use

3M P3 Class Shaped Protective Half Mask with Cool FlowTM Exhalation Valve, Nose Clamp and Padded Inner Trim. It provides protection when welding stainless steel, when grinding, cutting, drilling, milling hardwood, when handling asbestos and lead, or when we are in contact with viruses or bacteria.

3M 8833 respirator with exhalation valve (class FFP3), which reduces breathing effort, especially in warm and humid environments. Using the valve will reduce the temperature under the respirator, humidity and sweating, which is one of the most significant causes of discomfort for respirator users.

The respirator is also suitable for repeated use. It also has a soft washable inner seating line.


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