Respirator face mask FFP3 Refil 751 (KN99) – hospitals
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Respirator face mask FFP3 Refil 751 (KN99) – hospitals



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Respirator face mask FFP3 NR D Refil 751 KN99

Type of filter: FFP3 – 99% protection against Covid-19  (better than KN99). This one is certified to highest possible filtering FFP3.
Pruducer: Czech Republic Company – Made in Czech Republic – the highest quality (better than  Chinese made 3M respirators) –
Price: the best price because it is made locally and it come to us almost from producer. There are not 4 companies taking provision like with other respirators.
Look at other respirators FFP2 and FFP3 face masks
FULL protection against COVID-19
It is used in hospitals in Czech Republic. Here the Czech Republic shows to have the most efficient system to stop Corona spreading.
Look at Corona Covid-19 Map.
Very comfortable to wear. Better quality than 3M respirators that were to be used in agricultural industry before corona started.

Shipped to hospitals:

Hospitals in Czech Republic. For example in Prague in Czech Republic:
Hospitals in Slovakia: For Example: and  Bojnice, Lubovnica, Homolka,


Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve
Exhalation Valve
Embossed Top Panel, Individually Wrapped, Ingenious 3-panel Design, Innovative Chin Tab, Sculpted Nose Panel. Very comfortable padding made that seal your face over mask
Refil Czech Company 3M :
Particulate Respirator Range
Recommended Application
Construction, Pharmaceutical Manufacture and Industry usage.
Recommended Industry
Medical and Industrial
Respirator Style
Flat Fold
Product Details
  • Flat fold disposable P3 respirator offering reliable, effective protection against higher levels of fine dust, mists and metal fume
  • Comfortable to wear. Airy thicker foamy padding to seal respirator to your face. It is whool padding and not rubber padding.
  • Low breathing resistance filter technology for easier breathing through your shift
  • Ingenious 3-panel design that accommodates greater facial movement during speech so much more comfortable to wear
  • A sculpted nose panel for improved compatibility with eyewear
  • An innovative chin tab for ease of donning and adjustment of the respirator on the face

Specification on pages of producer can be found here.

The Refil 751 FFP3 mask is respirator that provides comfort and style without compromising performance. Protects against dusts and mists found in a wide variety of industrial applications and other work situations requiring FFP3 protection. Furthermore it protects against small particles that contains viruses.

Respirators Refil 751 FFP3 NR and Reril 651 FFP3 NR D and 3M Aura 9332+ are similar and offer full protection . That is just other model with other color of valve. One is full White and other is gray.
FULLY effective against COVID-19


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