Respirator FFP3 BUK-3 – Hospitals
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Respirator FFP3 BUK-3 – Hospitals


Protection: FFP3 (up to 50 MPC)
Construction: Foldable
Inner layer: hypoalergenní materiál
Nasal clip: Yes
Manufacturer: BUK
Model: BUK-3
Certificate: EN 149:2017
Operating conditions:  -30 ° C to +70 ° C, high humidity

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BUK is a technology company which produces nuclear power plants – nuclear reactors in Ukraine. It is not a Chinese high-speed production.
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Specification loosely translated from Ukrainian

Filter half mask (respirator) BUK – FFP3, without valve

Anti-aerosol respirator of the new generation BUK-3. The purpose of this respirator is to protect the respiratory system from air contaminants (smoke, dust, fog) with a maximum permissible concentration of up to 50 maximum concentration limits.
The respirator is designed and manufactured at BUK’s own scientific and production base, using high-quality equipment and materials, in strict compliance with all existing standards and quality requirements for personal respiratory protection. The structure of documents confirming product quality and compliance with the requirements of GSTU EN 149: 2017 includes: Declaration of conformity with PPE; RPM type verification certificate; Conclusion of the state hygienic and epidemiological examination. The inner part of the filter half mask is realized by a layer of hypoallergenic material without latex content. The filter cloth is environmentally friendly, with a high level of protection and the passage of cleaned air. This model is not equipped with an exhalation valve. The BUK respirators catalog contains a similar model with the BUK-3K valve.
Degree of protection: FFP3 (up to 50 MPC)
Construction: Folding
Inner layer: hypoallergenic material
Nose clip: yes
Exhalation valve: Not presented.
packaging: Operating conditions: -30 ° C to +70 ° C, high humidity
Advantages of respirators BEECH:
The design of the respirators developed on the basis of the NPP promotes a close fit of the person’s face and a safe response to face movements. The design is foldable, not creased.
The BUK half mask is excellent for working in high temperature and humid environments.
The respirator filters inhaled air and protects the respiratory system at a high level.
The shape of the half mask is very comfortable, does not reduce the viewing angle and does not prevent the use of glasses
BUK respirators are fully compatible with other personal protective equipment (protective headphones, goggles).
The respirator is made of ecological and hypoallergenic materials.
BUK-3 is recommended for use in areas such as: nuclear power, biochemical laboratories, radiochemical production, anti-TB institutions and other areas with similar working conditions.
To appoint a BUK-3 respirator:
Protection against solid and liquid aerosols with increased danger (radioactive, biological, toxic).


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