Respirator HJR FFP3 NR (25pcs)
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Respirator HJR FFP3 NR (25pcs)


  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • CE and EN printed on respirator
  • Each respirator individually packed in a bag
  • sealing foam for the nasal part
  • glasses do not mist

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Respirator FFP3 HJR half mask without valve 99% protection

Type: HJR-CN99-06
It protects not only you, but also the environment, as it does not have an exhalation valve.
Valve respirator class FFP3 without valve with> 99.9% filtration capacity against fine solid particles of water and liquid aerosols up to a concentration of 50 times NPK-P / PEL.
Highest degree of protection: FFP3
It is also used to protect against viruses, flu and bacteria
Certification: EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009, CE1024
Based on the results of laboratory tests at the Research Institute of Occupational Safety – ZL, Prague 10 July 2020, tests according to ČSN EN 149 + A1
Respiratory resistance test: low measured values indicate the possibility of easy breathing >>> High user comfort
Determination of aerosol penetration: average measured value 0.1%
Package: 25 pieces


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