PHARMANONA Foaming covid-19 test
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PHARMANONA Foaming covid-19 test




This foaming test was approved by the EU. Certification HERE.
In the fight against Covid-19 the importance of fast, detection can not be overstated.

The corona quickly proliferates as soon as the virus enters the body. In the meantime, some metabolic and chemical changes begin to occur in the body before clinical symptoms, lung symptoms, and PCR test positivity have yet to occur.
In this process, the virus begins to be excreted in the urine. As the burden of the virus increases in the body, both the virus and certain substances in the urine due to metabolic changes begin to be excreted intensively.
The test is conducted in a laboratory using a specially prepared reactant (CEC ) that reacts with the substances found on the surface of the virus and with the substances excreted in the urine and the sample inside the test tube foams the urine.
The rate of foaming varies in direct proportion to the virus load in the body. For people who have viral load less foam, more foam, more and more people are made of.
As a result of laboratory studies conducted on more than 500 patients and more than 1000 healthy individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, the amount of foam was converted into a color scale on the test tube.
Red Zone
Heavy viral load in the urine
and/or urine contains substances that should not be present, severe clinical picture. An individual who needs to apply to a health institution.Orange Zone
Increased viral load in urine
and/or substances that should not be in the urine present, adverse clinical picture. An individual who needs to apply to a health institution.
Yellow Zone
A small amount of virus load in the urine
and/or substances that should not be present in the urine, suspicious clinical picture, individual requiring follow-up
Green Zone
no viral load in the urine. Favorable clinical picture.
The green zone of the foaming test result of the patients who were diagnosed with Covid-19 positive and started to be treated is interpreted as the treatment process was successful and the virus load on the body disappeared.

Package includes:

  • Test tube for urine with activated substance
  • Extraction container for urine
  • Instructions


  • Sensitivity: 92%
  • Relative specifity: 89 %
  • Overall accuracy: 90,5%


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