Seagate SkyHawk 8TB HDD
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Seagate SkyHawk 8TB HDD



Hard Drive – 3.5″ SATA III, 256MB cache, 7,200rpm

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Seagate SkyHawk 8TB HDD

ID: ST8000VX0022
8TB hard drive
The high-capacity Seagate SkyHawk High drive is optimised for DVRs and NVRs and tuned for 24/7 workloads. It comes equipped with ImagePerfect to minimise dropped frames caused by the decrease in write speeds, ensuring smooth, clear video streaming.
Smart, powerful and safe
The SkyHawk series boasts high-quality designs, powerful performance and impressive reliability. The SATA III with its bandwidth of up to 600MB/s, the 256MB cache and 7200 RPM together allows for fast response times and instant access to stored data. The Seagate SkyHawk is also RAID-optimised.
Chytrý, výkonný a bezpečný
Vysoké pracovní nasazení
SkyHawk drives are primarily used in operations where everyday access to storage and maximum reliability is required. It is ideal for storing recordings from monitoring systems supporting up to 64 HD cameras. SkyHawk drives are designed for workloads of 180TB per year.
It Keeps Your Data Safe
Treat your data to a maximum sense of security, even in extreme environments. SkyHawk drives endure heavy workloads, and due to low power consumption and durable design, their long-term reliability is guaranteed. The machine will work smoothly at operating temperatures between 0° to 70° C.
Skyhawk Surveillance
Eliminace vibrací
Ideal for Multi-Drive Systems
Sturdy construction allows reliable storage in DVR and NVR systems with more than 8 drives. Robust processing eliminates disk vibrations to maintain maximum performance and fast response when connecting drives with RAID.


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