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  • Security Operation Center-as-a-Service


Managed SIEM with detection of cyberthreats

Security Operation Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offers a tailored service approach for SIEM and analytics. The service supports leading security products, has proven delivery process and provides access to certified staff. It increases the visibility into your environment, accelerating alert to incident escalation while providing proactive risk modelling and support for mitigation. SOCaaS maximizes the value of your investments in security technologies enabling you to achieving your desired security posture.


Staffing security operations is a challenge. Operation of a SIEM platform 24/7 requires deep skills in several areas. Platform management, threat investigation and compliance reporting are all areas that are experiencing a shortage of skills. Existing resources can analyse large amounts of alerts but it remains difficult to spot the real attacks.

Market-leading SIEM platforms are extremely capable at analysing events and providing compliance reporting.

Why choose Kentino?

Security expertise

Security Operation Center staffed 24/7 with certified security experts.

SIEM management

SIEM configuration, custom rule implementation and platform management including health and availability, software patching and backup.

NTT Cyber Threat Sensor

NTT Cyber Threat Sensor detects security incidents based on network traffic analysis with machine learning and threat intelligence.

Business and compliance reporting

Events that indicate a deviation from your defined baseline of regulatory and business policy compliance requirements.

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