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Security for your digital transformation programs

Rapid digitalization brings about new security challenges. We help you adopt a holistic security approach across your network, clouds, applications, data, users, and endpoints. We recommend the technologies best suited to your unique IT environment to prevent, predict, detect, and respond to threats, and simplify your operations. We support you in building security into your digital initiatives from the onset, so you are secure by design as you transform.

Security technology for your hybrid IT environment

Infrastructure security

We help you gain visibility and control across your increasingly complex digital infrastructure. We provide the technology, tools, and controls to help you identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities across your network, data center, and clouds, quickly respond to incidents, and automate processes to free up your valuable resources.

Application security

We help you to keep your business-critical applications secure, wherever they reside. We help to enhance the security of your 


Why choose Kentino?

Keeping you secure

We mitigate 2 billion security threats every year.

Deep expertise

Over 2,000 cybersecurity specialists.

Global scale

More than 15,000 security engagements with clients spanning 57 countries across multiple industries.

Global insights

6.2 billion attacks analyzed; 10 Security Operations Centers; 7 R&D centers.

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