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  • Security

    Create, build and manage a predictive security ecosystem that protects your intelligent business

Secure your intelligent business

We understand you need to be resilient, yet agile and innovative for the future of your intelligent business. Therefore, knowing the security risks you face and being prepared to address them amidst constant change is crucial. We work with you to identify the technologies and services you need to create, build, deliver and manage a cybersecurity posture that keeps you secure while you transform.


Our services

Managed Security Services

End-to-end security infrastructure and operations management keeping your business safe and compliant.

Security Consulting Services

Protect your key assets by applying your resources and controls effectively, and in the right places.

Security Technology

Build an agile and predictive security ecosystem across your users, devices, applications, and infrastructure.

Support Services

Accelerate availability and reduce operational complexity across your hybrid environment.

Technical Services

Design and deploy your digital transformation initiatives quickly and effectively.

Why choose Kentino?

Keeping you secure

We mitigate 2 billion security threats every year.

Deep expertise

Over 2,000 cybersecurity specialists.

Global scale

More than 15,000 security engagements with clients spanning 57 countries across multiple industries.

Global insights

6.2 billion attacks analyzed; 10 Security Operations Centers; 7 R&D centers.

We are here to help!