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  • Service Delivery Assurance

Overall service performance

With Service Delivery Assurance, we provide you with a Service Delivery advocate to help you take advantage of opportunities, optimize when needed, and look for ways to reduce costs. They are tasked with ensuring governance and control across the service entitlements, processes, and systems you have under contract with us. This includes transition, operation, account governance, and continuous service improvement.

Optimize service delivery and ICT governance

Your service delivery manager ensures that your interests are taken care of, by managing the services relationship, establishing the governance structure, running service management review meetings, and establishing processes and documentation.

Their objectives are to:

Why choose Kentino?

Deep experience

Supporting 6 million assets, from 6,000 clients, across 5 continents.

Global support

Support over 47 technologies in 14 local languages worldwide.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivers consistent service wherever you operate.

Industry recognition

2018 award for Transformation of our Support Services for delivering data-driven, client-centric support services.

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