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Face Mask STX KN95 / FFP2 – 5 pieces package


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Disposable Face Mask STX KN95 / FFP2 – 5 pieces package

1 package contains 5 pcs

95% wear and wear protection

The product looks and looks according to the photos and does not differ. Their quality and certification is maintained.

The three-dimensionally modeled, soft and comfortable KN95 mask is equivalent to the protection class FFP2 NR D and thus captures more than 95% of viruses, bacteria, but also dust, pollen or smog particles. This is a standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for healthcare professionals who come into contact with patients infected with COVID-19. The double layer of non-woven fabric forms a filter, in the upper part in the area of ​​the nose, an aluminum strip is sewn, which you shape exactly according to your needs so that the mask does not stand out and fit exactly to your face. The mask does not contain latex and the ultrasonic gluing of the seams together with the non-slip material guarantees a really comfortable fit. For the highest possible efficiency, put on the mask exactly according to the instructions. The package contains 5 pieces of masks and cannot be purchased separately, only the whole package.

Key features of the STX KN95 mask 5 pcs

  1. Comfortable three-dimensional mask of protection class KN95 = FFP2
  2. It captures at least 95% of viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen and smog particles
  3. Effective air filtration is ensured by a four-layer material: 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 1 layer of Melt blown non-woven fabric, 1 layer of woven fabric
  4. Aluminum strap in the nose area for precise shaping and fitting the mask to the face
  5. It does not contain latex, the seams are glued by ultrasound and the material does not smudge
  6. The package contains 5 pieces of masks, the whole package must be purchased
  7. CE certification standard: EN14683: 2019, EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009


Easy to put on mask

Usage instructions

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before use.

2. Remove the mask from its packaging, place it next to your face and place the loops behind your ears.
3. Adjust the mask to cover your mouth, nose and chin.
4. Shape the aluminum reinforcement in the nose area to fit your face.

Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE):
for bacteria larger than 3.0 µm> = 95%

Differential pressure (DP):
<4.0 mm H2O / cm2

Particulate filtration efficiency (PFE):
for particles larger than 0.1µm = 95%

Fluid resistance:
resistant at 80 mmHg

Parameters and specifications

Material: Non-woven fabrics, Woven fabrics

Color: White

Determination: Unisex – man and woman

Filtration class: FFP2 – KN95

Standards: KN95, FFP2

Size: Universal

Quantity: 5 pcs



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