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Pair (x2) Eizo Radiforce GS520 5MP Grayscale Digital Mammography Diagnostic Monitors (GS520-CL)


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Pair of Two medical monitors Eizo Radiforce GS520 5MP Grayscale


12-Bit Simultaneous Grayscale Display
Along with EIZO’s new frame rate control technology (patent pending), 4,096 (12-bit) grayscale tones can be displayed simultaneously from an abundant palette of 13,771 tones for high-definition digital mammography.

Distinctive Glare Panel
Many current monitors use anti-glare panels, which have a waffled surface to diffuse the reflection of surrounding light. However, this also diffuses the light from the monitor’s backlight, which affects the outline of an image, causing a viewing strain on the observer.

Sharper Resolution for Clearer Image Outline
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is a parameter to define the display sharpness and resolution of a monitor panel. The glare panel has better MTF characteristics than the anti-glare panel meaning the glare panel can be expected to display the outline of a detailed image more sharply.

DUE for Brightness Uniformity
The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is considered difficult to attain due to the characteristics of LCD monitors.

Calibration Mode Selection
Selectable with the front panel buttons, the CAL Switch function allows for various calibration modes of different modalities such as digital mammography, ultrasound, and MRI images. Furthermore, with ScreenManager Pro for Medical installed.

What’s Included

  • 2 x Fully Renewed Eizo Radiforce GS520 5MP Grayscale Digital Mammography Diagnostic Monitor (GS520-CL-BK)
  • 2 x DVI-D cables
  • 2 x USB cables
  • 1 x Eizo RadiCS calibration and QA software
  • 1 x Eizo Matrox Xenia Pro triple head PCIe graphic card
  • All necessary cables and adapters
  • 3 x Year warranty on parts and labor
  • 30 Day money back satisfaction guarantee


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