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Protokon AF8750


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Speed 600, 1000 & 1500 d.p.m.        Note Size 110X55mm to 190X100mm

Model AF8760C

Features Standard
  • Automatic stacker dust cover
  • 10 Key variable batch selection
  • Low adjustment ‘floating roller’ feed system
  • Automatic and manual start/stop
  • Adaptive doubles detection system
  • large 8-digit count display
  • 3-digit batch total display
  • size detection (detects ‘rogue‘ Notes)
  • Continuous counting
  • Full memory backup
  • Length and width size detection (essential for counting Euros)
  • Automatic denomination recognition by size (enables value as opposed to piece counting)
  • Magnetic sensor system for US Dollars counterfeit detection
  • UV counterfeit detection aid
  • Remote display
  • RS232 Com. Port
  • Remote fast thermal printers


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