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Respirator FFP3 BUK-3


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Anti-aerosol respirator of new generation BUK-3. The purpose of using this filtering half mask is to protect the respiratory system from air polluting particles (smoke, dust, fog) with a maximum permissible concentration level of up to 50 MPC.

Degree of protection: FFP3 (up to 50 MPC)
Construction: Folding
Inner layer: hypoallergenic material
Nose clip: yes
Exhalation valve: No
BUK-3 is recommended for use in areas such as: biochemical laboratory for radiochemical production, anti-institution and in other areas with similar working conditions.

BUK is a technology company which produces nuclear power plants – nuclear reactors in Ukraine.

Manufacturer link: http://buk.com.ua/buk-3/



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