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Respirator Refil 651 FFP3 NR D with valve


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Respirator REFIL 651 FFP3 NR D with valve

Made in Czech Republic

Comfortable to wear

Size: L

Filter: FFP3


Certified: EN: 149:2001

are unknown.

Before use, read the instructions for use, inspect the respirator for damage, and follow the instructions when attaching the respirator to the face.

The respirator is intended for single use, it is not cleaned, the time of use depends on the dust concentration at the workplace and the user’s activity.

The respirator may be used for a maximum of one shift.

The respirator must be replaced if: – dust has entered the respirator and contamination, odor or other signs of contaminant penetration have been detected – there has been a significant increase in respiratory resistance

The respirator must be stored in a dry and clean environment at temperatures of -5 to + 40 ° C.


NR – Not Reusable
D – This face mask has passed through the volunteer trial that consisted of clogging with dolmit dust




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