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  • Technical Account Management

Improve operational efficiency

Technical Account Management gives you access to hands-on, technical expertise. Our specialists have a rich knowledge and deep understanding of your IT environment, helping you reduce downtime, improve asset functionality, drive change, and support innovation. Working together with your technical account manager, you can improve service performance and minimize the number of incidents – as well as the time required to resolve them – while maximizing the the return on your IT investments and reducing the total cost of ownership. 

Improve your operational efficiency

With advanced skills in the technologies associated with your assets, the remote technical account manager assigned to your account understands how they are deployed. This provides you with exceptional technical value and ensures that activities are completed quickly.

The service includes monthly reviews:

  • incident reviews
  • problem and root cause reviews
  • configurations, software patches, and architecture recommendations

We also conduct change impact analyses to evaluate the nature of the change approval process, including normal, urgent, and emergency changes on covered assets and make

Why choose Kentino?

Global support

Support over 47 technologies in 14 local languages worldwide.

Trusted partner

Every major vendor’s #1 or #2 partner.

Industry recognition

2018 award for Transformation of our Support Services for delivering data-driven, client-centric support services.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivers consistent service wherever you operate.

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