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  • Third Party Support

Simplify and improve multivendor support 

We provide you with a single point of contact to support your multivendor environment. By coordinating incident response and providing technical incident management we help you to improve your incident management process. Once we are notified of the incident, we manage all aspects until restoration is achieved. Our end-to-end approach to incident management allows us to minimize downtime and maximize value.

A single support contact for your ICT estate

Improve and simplify technical incident management

We coordinate service incident resolution across your multivendor environment, from initial notification to final resolution.

Third Party Incident Coordination means that you no longer need to worry about the coordination and management of third-party maintenance providers. We establish who needs to resolve the incident and ensure that it’s rectified to your satisfaction. 

Technical Incident Management gives you control of your incident management support process through a single point of contact. With Technical Incident Management, we work

Why choose Kentino?

Trusted partner

Almost every major vendor’s #1 or #2 partner.

Global support

Support over 47 technologies in 14 local languages worldwide.

Industry recognition

2018 award for Transformation of our Support Services for delivering data-driven, client-centric support services.

Global service delivery

Globally integrated service delivery model operating to ITIL standards, delivers consistent service wherever you operate.

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