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  • Vulnerability Management


Understand your vulnerabilities for proactive protection 

Take control of your IT environment to determine your organization’s unique vulnerabilities, understand the scope of potential security issues, and put essential safeguards in place to optimize performance and protection. Meet all compliance and regulatory requirements with a vulnerability management plan and utilize scalable vulnerability scan data for advanced target correlation and threat profiling, supported by expert analysts in cybersecurity in our Security Operation Centers.

Our Managed Security Services

Vulnerability Management:

  • Focused efforts: highest-impact environment vulnerabilities receive focused attention to eliminate security and compliance program gaps.
  • Measurable improvements: vulnerability reduction achieved by our threat intelligence and exploit tracking, actively bypassing the inefficient, time-consuming, and resource-intensive methods of traditional vulnerability management processes.

Qualys Vendor and Security Monitoring Integration:

  • Partnership: we utilize Qualys’ SaaS based platform to deliver robust Vulnerability Management services. Self-service scan data and enhanced Vulnerability and Threat Correlation enable the identification of malicious activity.
  • Additional features: fully automatic threat correlation for managed scans, DHCP support, and multiple report options.

Threat Detection Integration:

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Global insights

6.2 billion attacks analysed; 10 Security Operation Centers; 7 R&D centers.

Deep experience

Over 2,000 cybersecurity specialists.

Keeping you secure

We mitigate 2 billion security threats each year.

Global scale

We deliver services in over 200 countries across 5 regions.

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