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  • Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service


Protection of web application firewall (WAF)

Our Web Application Firewall as a Service provides the expertise and skills that ensure your web application firewall (WAF) is configured to provide the highest level of protection for your websites. The service provides detection of cyber threats, DDoS protection, business and regulatory compliance reporting.

Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service

Dealing with malicious attacks to your system takes time and energy, both to handle and identify, especially when they arrive hidden amongst legitimate traffic. Poorly fortified systems are often overwhelmed by the traffic load, unable to distinguish between the two forms in a timely fashion, consequently resulting in slow connectivity for your end users.

This is just the front end of the problem; behind the scenes, badly maintained web application firewalls will have trouble mitigating bot attacks and have great difficulty operating in the new hybrid/multi-cloud environment. A busy IT support team may not have the time for thorough incident diagnosis, and few solutions on the market today offer truly granular control of a security solution.

Our Web Application Firewall as a Service is specially designed to handle these problems. A worldwide managed service supporting your online business requirements, WAF provides a comprehensive solution to the broad range of issues inherent to managing a complex security network, including:

    • web security with threat detection and prevention
    • denial of service for web and network-based attacks

Why choose Kentino?

Detection of cyberthreats

Detection of cyberthreats based on our advanced analytics, threat intelligence and incident validation, and remediation recommendations by skilled security analysts.

DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection against website, infrastructure, single IP address, and name server through web-based cloud services.

Service Management

Management and maintenance by experienced security engineers in NTT’s Security Operations Center (SOC), supplemented by highly trained security experts as an extension of your own in-house IT team.

Business and Compliance Reporting

Events that indicate a deviation from a predefined baseline of an organization’s regulatory and custom business policy compliance requirements.

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